Gallery 369 is a commercial gallery space owned and operated by Valentine’s Antiques. Gallery 369 works with art dealers and leading commercial gallery spaces in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as local artists and artist societies, to bring new contemporary art exhibitions regularly to Bendigo. The exhibitions are also available to viewers on our websites. Valentine’s Antiques is a family business that has been operating in Bendigo for 70 years.

The exhibition space at Gallery 369 is designed to be light and contemporary. Being a space that is specifically set aside to compliment the Antiques side of the business, there is a big emphasis put onto contrast and space. As the room offers an abundance of natural light, we will always try and curate the space to best maximize the light, the windows, the view to the laneway and the redbrick wall the gallery faces.

Gallery 369 is lit by a series of track spot lights, and works are hung in the space by a click rail hanging system. The shape of the room is the form of two open over-lapping cubes. The floor is concrete which compliments the contemporary nature of the space, the brick walls are painted a soft bright white. The space is designed to be versatile and can be hired for events and exhibitions. The space is approximately 75 square metres in size.

Being in Central Victoria, we are always thoughtful to make connections to our landscape, our community and our Indigenous heritage, where we can. Having access to an abundance of incredible antiques, we also have the opportunity to theme stunning antique furniture and objects with new contemporary art.